I'm a certified electro engineer (2023)

My name Is Benjamin “Crazy Kōdā” Meder

About Me

I don’t want to bore you and explain, that I am a team player, and my analytical, logical thinking is my biggest strength. So, I want to write a little story about myself, and why I am very motivated in programming.

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The idea behind the name is very simple.

What the world calls normal today, i am glad to be crazy. And being a little crazy is good because if you think outside the box, you'll sometimes find a better solution.

I like the Japanese culture, mangas, and the language. So, I looked for a Japanese word that means programming or coder.

Coder => コーダー => Kōdā =>Koodaa (because not every keyboard has the macron over the o or a 😉)

A little story about me and how I got into programming

A liitle story

I started programming with BASIC and Pascal when I was 10. My father, who was also a programmer at that time, allowed me to access his PC. That was 30 years ago now. 😎

But I had other plans...

I wanted to learn more about PCs and networks. After school, I started an apprenticeship as an IT specialist in System Integration (German: "Fachinformatiker Systemintegration"). But after a year I terminated my apprenticeship because I had the feeling they couldn't teach me anything.

So I started my own business...

It was going well. I earned enough money to live. But I realized, I am not a marketing or a salesperson. And when every customer is happy and all the projects were done (building websites, building IT networks, solving PC issues), there was no money flow. And unfortunately, I had no training degree, which is "very important" here in Germany. So I had a little discussion with the Industry Chamber of Commerce and they allowed me to do the tests as an external.

I got my degree as an IT specialist in System Integration

On my journey as an IT specialist I travelled through the whole Europe. I worked for HP / Microsoft in Dublin (Ireland), Eventim in Bremen (Germany), and Scout24 in Munich (Germany). I have specialized in Windows, Linux, MS SQL, MS Exchange Server, and Cisco-Network. I scripted in Powershell and/or Bash. So the coding was always at my site.

However, I felt that the work did not satisfy me. The same work over and over again. IT problems here, IT problems there. Nothing was productive in any way. That's why I decided to do something more hands-on.

I qualified as an electronics technician for devices and systems with an average grade of A-B (German "1,5")

I started my next job as an electronics technician, but unfortunately, my employer found out, that I was good at IT. And I started to do some monitoring projects for industrial and medical customers, but that's not the path I wanted to take.

A friend told me that he was doing further training to become a state-certified electrical engineer and I thought, yeah sure, I'll go on that course too.

Since, 2021 I have started further education as a state-certified electrical engineer/Bachelor Professional in Engineering n microcontroller programming

And what can I say? I have discovered a passion for programming. At the moment we are learning C# and C for embedded µController (Infineon and STM). On the website Codingame.com, I learn to develop and test different algorithms myself. They were simple problems, like "here is a list of pacemakers and their positions. Write a program that shows you the nearest pacemaker after a position (from the website) is shown to you." Or more complex problems, like vectoring, pathfinding, and decoding encrypted texts.


state-certified electronic engineer
Learning C#, C, and microcontroller incl. other school topics like Maths and English
GDS2 Sindelfingen
electronics technician for devices and systems
Learning basic electronics incl. working / designing PCB routing. For further Information look in the experience section
BfW Schömberg gGmbH
IT specialist System Integration
qualified as an IT Specialist


internship C Programming Project
The Project what I am developing with my team is a battery buffer system for a hydrogen system. This includes planing Boarddesign, choosing right components and programming in C a STM32F469 Discoveryboard with Touchscreen
DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Technical System Engineer
Planning and building different projects in networks, Windows, particle measurement devices, Phoenix. Also doing some programming in C#, AHK and Python
PMT Partikel Messtechnik GmbH (Heimsheim)
Electronic Engineer
Planning and creating different projects for school. Using tools like Eagle PCB routing, CNC milling machine, soldering and testing
BfW Schömberg gGmbH
Senior Messaging Administrator / Engineer and Network Administrator
Corp-IT migration, Exchange migration, Windows, Linux and Cisco Administrator, Powershell Scripting, responsible for EU
AutoScout24 GmbH (Munich)
System and Network Administrator
Exchange and E-Mail-Security Project (Anti-Spam / Virus, PGP), migrating Blackberry Enterprise Server Windows, Linux and Cisco administrator responsible for EU
CTS Eventim AG (Bremen)
Product Leader / Microsoft Messaging Analyst
Microsoft Exchange 3rd Level Support responsible for a group of 10 people and EMEA Area
Microsoft / HP (Ireland)

Looking for an Employer

I am currently looking for an employer who hires me as a full-time or even as a part-time C# or C programmer in the embedded hardware area.


When I started my advanced education in September 2021, I couldn’t afford a car. Before that, I had a company car, so I didn’t need a car then either. So I commute every day between Holzgerlingen and Sindelfingen.

That’s why I’m looking for an employer

  • where I can commute with public transport (around Holzgerlingen, Sindelfingen, Böblingen, South-Stuttgart)
  • where I can work from home (in that case worldwide is okay)
  • or my favorite the job offer has a company car (station wagon), which I can use privately (then the radius around Holzgerlingen is much greater)
  • New Zealand or Canada would also be great if the employer pays for me and my family to move

Where can you find me?

My reps on Github
Check out my progress
My profile on Codingame.com
My 2 Cents blog
My other Blog 🙂 Maybe I transfer these blogs to this site 🤣
“You have to invest time, to save time.”

Me, myself and I

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